David seemed to take to teaching as a second nature. After starting to play the piano at eight years of age, he was asked to teach when he was twelve, thus developing his pedagogical talents effortlessly during his time as an amateur. In his younger years he changed teachers twice, having to start anew after an initial quick start from his eighth to his tenth year, when all sorts of bad or careless habits were picked up. Because of his experience with a number of completely different teaching methods, he has learned to be patient, and to understand and find solutions for technical and musical problems. During and after his studies at the music academy he intensified his talent for passing on technical knowledge, which is of great influence on musical expression and timbre. He learned how to professionalize the art of piano playing in all its facets from the top-class teacher and pianist Janine van Mever at the Music Academy in Arnhem. He also took classes from Willem Brons and Jan Wijn to further develop his solo piano performance and interpretation. Now, after many years' experience as performing pianist and teacher, he has developed his own style of teaching.
His individual and psychological approach to students invariably enables him to bring out the best in them, depending on their talent, ambition and the intensity with which they apply themselves to their study. He has discovered that a personal approach usually gives the best returns. David takes the musical wishes of his students into account, and offers his students insight into their progression. His manner of teaching works as a stimulation, and ensures that motivation doesn't flag completely when students have a bad day. Amateurs and colleagues alike seek him out and benefit from this approach. The student's overall performance at the piano is improved by the attention paid both to wrist and arm technique as well as to finger technique. Wrist and arm techniques have a large influence on tone and on the flow of the music.
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